The Ultimate Guide to Energy Efficient Windows: Everything You Need to Know

A person inside a Euclid home installing energy efficient windows.

Energy efficient windows are the future of the door and window industry. People are tired of high heating and cooling bills caused by conditioned air flying out the window. If you want to know more about energy efficient windows, how they work, and who to contact to install them in Euclid, you’ve come to the right place. 

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What Are Energy Efficient Windows 

Energy efficient windows are specially-designed windows that do a better job of keeping conditioned air inside your home and the unconditioned air outside. While these windows look similar to traditional windows, they are constructed and designed differently. Energy efficient windows tend to be thicker, sturdier, and more insulated, among other things.   

Factors That Make a Window Energy Efficient 

In general, there are four things to look for in an energy efficient window. 

  • The Glass 

The first thing you’ll notice about energy efficient windows is that they’re thicker than traditional windows. Rather than a single pane of glass, energy efficient windows have two to three panes. 

  • The Vacuum

Between each pane of glass, there is either a vacuum, argon, or another gas. A built-in vacuum or gas provides an extra layer of insulation, making it harder for air to enter or exit your home. 

  • The Frame 

It’s also crucial for energy efficient windows to have a quality frame. The material of the frame should be either wood, vinyl, or fiberglass, as these materials provide low conductivity and heat loss. 

  • The Installation 

Finally, a window is only as good as the person who’s installing it. You can have the most energy efficient windows in the world, but they won’t do any good if they aren’t installed by an experienced professional. Therefore, you should consider the installer as much as the window itself. 

Contact us if you want the best of both worlds, where you get a high-quality installation of the most energy efficient windows on the market! 

Popular Types of Energy Efficient Windows 

The nice thing about choosing energy efficient windows is that you aren’t limited in regards to the type of windows you want. Here are some energy efficient types of windows to choose from. 

  • Casement Windows 
  • Picture Windows 
  • Double-Hung Windows 

Regardless of what type of window you choose, always check to make sure it is Energy Star-certified and carries the Energy Star label. 

Who to Contact For Energy Efficient Windows in Euclid 

If you’re located in Euclid or the surrounding area and could stand to benefit from energy efficient windows, Ken’s Parkhill Roofing can help. While we have roofing in our name, we also offer some of the best replacement windows in Northern Ohio. Call (216) 381-7414 to learn more or to request a free quote for your new windows!

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