Roof Repair in Euclid, OH

High-Quality Roof Repair For Homes & Businesses in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio

If replacing your roof isn’t quite in your budget, or perhaps your roof is less than 10 years old and has areas that are giving you issues, then our Euclid roof repair might be the right choice for you.

Ken’s Parkhill Roofing gives free storm inspections and estimates for homeowners affected by hail and windstorms. We are local contractors who do not look to take advantage of those affected by a storm. In other words, we don’t chase the storms; those affected by the storm contact us!

What Causes Roof Damage?

Roof damage can have a number of factors causing it which typically intersect and lead to major issues. Here in Cleveland, we have no shortage of weather events that could lead to roof damages. However, some roof damage can be caused by human error as well. The following are some of the main reasons why our Euclid roof repair services are necessary:

  • Age
  • Lack of Maintenance
  • Inexperienced Roofers
  • Extreme Weather Events
  • Simple Wear and Tear
roof repair

Signs You May Need A New Roof

Algae Growth – If your home looks like a science experiment then Mother Nature is telling you it is time to replace your roof.

Blistering Shingles When you see black spots on your roofing, you are looking at the asphalt base of the shingle that is supposed to be protected by granules. When that asphalt is exposed, it is time for a new roof.

Buckling Shingles – Roof buckling is usually a sign that your home suffers from a lack of ventilation. Buckling can also occur in homes where the roof is at the end of its life.

Ceiling Spots – Those brown and yellow stains on your freshly painted white ceiling are a sure sign that water is finding its way past the shingles or flashings that are supposed to be protecting your home.

Visible Damage – Shingles protect your home from the inclement Cleveland weather. If you see shingles missing or broken, your roof needs to immediately be addressed.

Residential & Commercial Services

Our roof repair services in Euclid extend to both residential and sloped commercial roofs. We pride ourselves in the services we provide to the families and businesses that make up our communities in Cleveland. 

Our residential and commercial roof repair services  include:

  • Inspecting the area where a leak occurs. For example, the fireplace, valley, vent, bathroom collar, skylights, replacement shingles missing from a wind storm.
  • Repair the area where water makes its way into the home. Fixing the leak might include replacing flashings, shingles, or creating roofing saddles to divert water.
  • Ice back-up repairs and removal in areas that have been problematic.

Why You Should Choose Our Team

Our team at Ken’s Parkhill Roofing has a wealth of knowledge and experience in roof repair services in Euclid, OH, dating back to our founding many decades ago. With decades of experience under our belt, we are able to quickly assess issues with a roof and determine the best course of action with maximum effectiveness. Also, we make it a point to offer the best customer service in the city, which has garnered us stellar reviews and many long-time customers. If the damage is too great, you can also trust our team’s roof replacement services. We’re always looking to help homeowners and business owners move past pesky roof damages with reasonable pricing and care from roofers who know the roofing business well.

Revive Your Roof with Ken’s Parkhill Roofing!

If your roof has accrued some damage over the years, the best time to address those problems is right away. To get started on your Euclid roof repair, give us a call or contact us via our website to have a roofing professional sent to you!

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