Signs of a Good Roofing Job: How to Know if a Contractor is Right For You

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One of the most expensive and demanding aspects of your home is the roof. Almost every homeowner will come to find that their roof will need some kind of maintenance or repairs. When looking into hiring a contractor, there are signs that show you can trust a roofing company. In order to help you save time and money, we discuss the most important factors that verify your roofing team did a job well done!

Successful Previous Projects and Testimonials 

One of the first ways you can find if a contractor can produce a good roofing job is by looking into their previous projects and reading customer testimonials. Ask the contractor for any pictures of previous projects and analyze them closely. Any contractor that confidently shows their previous work is one that you can trust will do a good job!

Roofing Includes Drip Edge Flashing 

New flashing, specifically drip edge flashing, is an area that is all too often overlooked by roofing contractors and their customers. Drip edge flashing is installed at the edges of a roof in order to prevent water damage to your home. This flashing also guards against pest infestations in the attic. Drip edges are a requirement for roofing shingles, so this is definitely something to keep an eye out for.

Effective Flashing Practices are Applied

In addition to the flashing materials, you will want to look at the practices of flashing that a contractor uses on your home. A good roofer uses plenty of flashing around leak-prone areas. Flashing should always be placed under shingles rather than over them. If your home has a chimney, step flashing and counterflashing materials are necessary. If you notice a single sheet of metal for your chimney, this will not work. 


An even and clean appearance is just as important as the materials used in a new roofing project. After roof repair or installation, take a stand back and get a good look at your roof. Your roof should look uniform in terms of color and should not show any signs of sagging. Your roof should be completed with the same materials from the start to the end of the project. 

Shingles are Aligned 

Your roofing shingles are, of course, the main point of your roof. When people get a look at your new roof, they will notice your roofing shingles. With that being said, shingles should be even. Shingles are installed at the bottom of the roof and a contractor continues upward. This is what creates a clean and even appearance, allowing your shingles to perform as they should. 

Quality Underlayment 

The underlayment is something to look out for when your roof is in the process of being installed. The underlayment is what goes between the sheathing and the shingles of your roof. It is important to have underlayment because it acts as an extra barrier to protect your home from collecting moisture and from water leaks. Underlayment is what keeps the roof dry during the process, which is especially helpful in protecting wooden elements in your roof. 

Cleanliness of the Area 

Your roofing contractor should leave your home looking as clean as it did before they started your roofing project. Reliable and hardworking roofing contractors will never leave a mess behind. This means there should be no construction debris, empty packaging, old shingles, or extra tools and supplies. If a company makes you clean up, they are not doing their part in providing a quality job.

Proper Nailing and Overhang 

Shingles need not only to be uniform and even but they must be properly installed. Correctly-installed shingles will hang over a roof anywhere from an inch to an inch and a half. If there is more of this hanging over a roof, it can become damaged in severe winds and rain. If you notice shingles hanging askew, this is a sign of a poorly installed roof.

No Sign of Rotting Roof Decking 

In a new roof installation, there should be no rotted materials left on your roof. Rotting materials can be dangerous and pose serious hazards to your home. A rotted roof could collapse if not taken care of. Don’t hesitate to do a quick check to observe every part of your home. There should not be a single area of your roof after a project that has rotting material. 

Get Quality Roof Services at Ken’s Parkhill Roofing! 

There is no better way to ensure a successful roofing job than by hiring experienced roofing professionals. The team at Ken’s Parkhill Roofing is one you can trust! Contact us to learn more about how we can meet your roofing needs.

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