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Ken’s Parkhill Roofing delivers a wide range of services for your home’s siding and gutters in Euclid, OH, from the installation of all-new siding to repairs. Our expert crew installs vinyl siding of all styles, aluminum siding, and cedar shake siding. 

Just need some trim work? We deal extensively with decorative trim and accent pieces that give your home that specific appeal you are looking for. In providing you with a finished look that is both beautiful in appearance and effective in protection, Ken’s Parkhill Roofing understands that your home is an investment.

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Our Home Siding Services

Your new siding will create a first strong line of defense against the cyclical weather patterns of Northeast Ohio. For many, new home siding in Euclid is just what is needed to improve your home’s look and value. Ken’s Parkhill pays attention to the details of your home. When it comes to siding, “WE’VE GOT YOUR FAMILY COVERED.”

Our Euclid Home Siding services include:

  • Vinyl Siding Installation / Repair
  • Cedar Shake Installation / Repair (also included synthetic shakes)
  • Soffit Installation and Repair
  • Fascia and Rake Edge Installation and Repair

And for our Siding Process, steps our siding and gutters team take involves:

  • Removing the old/existing siding.
  • Replacing it with new siding
  • Cleaning any leftover debris

Siding Products We Offer

As stated above, we work with all types and styles of siding to give your home or business the specific look you are aiming for. Our team has decades of experience working with various siding types, allowing us to create the perfect look with reliable expertise and great pricing.

Our Home Siding Process - Inspection, Replacement, Clean-Up

To begin our siding process, we inspect the home, cut out any damaged or rotted-out wood, and replace the wood. We then wrap or install the necessary Tyvek or foam board underlayment on the entire home before installing the required flashings on outside corners, inside corners, and windows. 

After that, our Euclid siding and gutters team will fasten the quality starter strip where it is necessary and finally install the siding, j-channel, and necessary trim. Finally, all debris is cleaned up and hauled away on the spot. By the end, you should have brand new professional siding without any trash or debris leftover. 

Home Gutters

Ken’s Parkhill Roofing has been a trusted source for Euclid home gutters and downspout replacement since we opened our doors in the 50s. We offer various gutter styles and materials that protect your investment, your home, from the inclement Cleveland weather. Without our Euclid home gutters and downspouts, your home is in danger of foundational damage, mold, or flooding.

We work with the homeowner to create the best process to redirect water away from your home and critical areas, using only the highest quality material. Ken’s Parkhill can inform you whether a 5” gutter is right for you, or depending on the pitch and size of your roof, maybe a 6” gutter.

We can provide your home with the standard .027 gauge aluminum gutter, or the heavier .032 gutter. Our home gutters in Euclid are anchored directly into the roof sheathing, providing you the support needed when the heavy winter snow and ice sit in the gutter. Be ready for the next Northeast Ohio storm with our Euclid home gutters service!

Gutters We Offer

Since our Euclid siding and gutters team works with both local residential and commercial clients, we are able to offer the full spectrum of gutters for installation and repairs. For more information about a specific type of gutter you may need, please feel free to contact our team directly.

Gutter Cleaning & Other Services

If you are looking to spend less time cleaning your Euclid home gutters and downspouts contact us to thoroughly clean and rinse out your gutters and downspouts. Whether you would rather spend your time doing something else, or your roof is just too steep to walk, we can make sure debris from the fall is cleared from your gutters in time for winter.

Your home gutters are completely emptied and then pressure washed on the inside. Next, we pressure wash the downspouts, making sure no debris clogs the drain. This is vital to protect water from damaging shrubs, landscaping beds, and even more important, your foundation.

Or if you are sick of paying to have your Euclid home gutters clean, we offer a wide variety of gutter screens and covers to eliminate debris from entering the gutter. Depending on what your budget is, you can choose from products ranging from good, to better, to best.

Replacement vs New vs Repairs

If you are having issues with your siding or gutters, it may be confusing to figure out what the best course of action may be. We often get questions about when siding or gutters in Euclid should be repaired versus when full replacement is necessary. 

To help our customers, Ken’s Parkhill Roofing offers free inspections to thoroughly assess if roof repair, replacement, or maintenance for your Euclid home or business. And if you need assistance as soon as possible, our emergency roofing services are available to take care of any sudden weather-related issues.

Care For Your Siding and Gutters With Ken’s Parkhill Roofing

Too often, siding and gutters in Euclid are forgotten about until they are in dire need of repair or replacement. Our team will work with your gutters and sidings, whether they need to be cleaned, repaired, or replaced altogether. 

Don’t wait to contact our roofing experts online or by calling (216) 381-7414 to get quality siding and gutters service in Euclid, OH.

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