Gutters and Siding: Tips For Cold-Weather Maintenance

A person on a ladder performing maintenance on a gutter at a Euclid home.

When most people think of maintenance and preparation for cold weather in Euclid, they think of their furnaces, insulation, and windows. However, your siding and gutters also play a role in keeping your home warm and comfortable during the winter. As such, it’s important to protect and maintain them using the following tips and tricks. 

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Watch Out For Water Runoff 

It’s important to remember that any ice and snow you have on your roof will eventually melt and turn to water. When this happens, the water can run behind your siding and cause leaks in the walls behind it. To keep this from happening, make sure that water can’t get behind your siding. 

Ice Dams 

Ice dams are a common gutter problem in the Midwest and occur when water collects in the gutters and freezes. If enough ice collects in your gutters, it will become too heavy and cause serious gutter and soffit damage. Therefore, make sure your gutters are free of obstructions before winter hits so that melted ice and snow have a clear runoff area. 

Clear Gutters Means a Clear Roof 

In most cases, debris flows into your gutters from your roof, which means that when you clean your gutters, you should also clean your roof. Do this using a leaf blower and blowing leaves, debris, and branches off your roof. If you’re uncomfortable working on top of your roof, we’ll do the job for you. 

Your Gutters Include Your Downspouts 

As you check your siding and gutters in Euclid, you should also check your downspouts. If they are clogged, rusty, or corroded, water may get trapped inside of them, expand, and cause the downspouts to burst. 

Siding Inspection

In the same way that your roof is the first line of protection for the top of your home, your siding is the first line of protection for its sides. As such, it’s important to have your siding professionally inspected to ensure it’s intact and ready to protect you this winter. A professional inspector will check for damaged siding, bent or wilted siding, holes, rust, and other potential problems. 

Siding and Gutter Maintenance in Euclid

If you really want to get your home ready for a Euclid winter, Ken’s Parkhill Roofing can help. In addition to siding and gutters, we can also inspect and maintain roofs and can perform repairs if necessary to keep you and your family safe this winter!

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