6 Helpful Tips for Hanging Holiday Lights 

‘Tis the season to decorate your home with holiday cheer! If you haven’t put up your Christmas lights yet, there is still time left to do so. Of course, before you begin to put up your lights, you have to come up with a plan. Even having a mental image of how you want to arrange your lights can provide some help ahead of time. 

Putting up holiday lights is much more physically demanding than it is mentally. When it comes down to it, it is important that you keep some safety tips in mind in order to install your lights safely and successfully. By following these six tips, you can ensure your home will be holiday-ready. 

1) Measure Before Buying 

Before you decide to buy any lights, you should measure how many feet worth of lights you’ll need to decorate your home, or, more specifically, your roof. When you jot down your measurements, you should also take into account any porch columns or spirals you will be decorating with lights. It is also important to measure the distance to the nearest outlet that way your light fixtures will be able to cover your home accordingly. 

While you’re measuring your roof and the areas you will be decorating with lights, you could even make a diagram to help create a better visual. 

2) Check Bulbs, Strings, and Outlets 

Accidents can happen at any time, especially when you are dealing with electrical fixtures. With that being said, you should take some time to determine an outdoor lighting plan and check bulbs, light strings, and electrical outlets if you already bought them or if you have had them in storage. In order to know the number of lights, you can safely string together, you can read manufacturer recommendations. It is recommended to never connect different types of lights on the same circuit or outlet as this can cause electrical fires. 

3) Use Plastic to Hang Lights

The hammer and nails are the most traditional tools when it comes to hanging lights, but this means having to puncture your roofing. If you want to leave your roof unscathed, you can opt for plastic clips that safely secure holiday lights to any part of your roof, including shingles, gutters, posts, window frames, and railings. Plastic accessories require less work when you are putting lights on and off your roof. Even better, they are reusable, meaning you can save these handy items for the next holiday season! 

4) Work with a Partner

Not only are you working with electricity but another hazard that comes into the picture when putting up holiday lights is working from great heights. It is highly recommended to work with a partner and have them keep the ladder sturdy if you are the one that is putting up the light on the railing of your roof. When you are putting up lights, make sure to keep your feet as firm as possible on the ladder. You can even use an S hook to hang a bucket from your ladder to hold lights and supplies. 

5) Start from the Top, Work to the Bottom 

The best way to create a fully-lit home is by working from the top to the bottom. By working from the top, you get the hardest work done first, including more difficult areas such as chimneys. Once you finish the roof, you can take care of everything else below! This also makes it easier to determine where you can connect wires that way they reach the outlets comfortably. If you have any light fixtures hanging, such as garland or power cords, you can secure them with zip ties so they do not easily stray or fall. 

6) Consider Using a Grounded Power Stake 

While most people will use outdoor outlets, this time around you might want to use a grounded power stake. Grounded power stakes come in various sizes and offer energy-saving options where you can place your lights on a timer. Grounded power stakes can also help you better organize cords, making sure they do not get wrapped up or tangled together. If you are looking for the most safety when putting lights up on your roof, grounded power stakes are a wise choice. 

Learn More About Roof Safety Only at Ken’s Parkhill Roofing

Securing your Christmas lights on your home and your roof is no easy task. Should you have any concerns about your roof, you can get in touch with a professional from Ken’s Parkhill Roofing, today.

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