What to Expect During a New Roof Installation

An aerial view of a roof being installed in Euclid.

Maintaining a home can be a full-time job in itself; it takes a lot of patience and knowledge to keep your home safe and sturdy. So, what should you do when the most important part of your house starts leaking? Ken’s Parkhill Roofing Co. in Euclid has everything you need for your new roof installation

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How a Roof Installation is Done 

Getting a new roof installed in your home is not an easy journey. Like every home project, the more informed you are before the installation, the easier the process will be. Read below to find out what to expect before, during, and after your new roof installation. 


Before professionals climb up to your roof, a dumpster will be dropped off at your property a couple of days before the project begins. Your asphalt shingles will also be sent to your house within a few days of the installation. Coordinate with the roofing team to ensure someone is home for the deliveries. You also should be prepared to move your car out of the driveway or away from the house. 


It’s now install day, and the roofers are getting ready to work. Before they begin, make sure to inform the person in charge of any special request you have (i.e., asking them not to use your bathroom or making sure to close any gates). If you have a garden that you don’t want to risk getting ruined, make sure you cover the plants with a tarp or, if possible, temporarily move them out of the way. Everyone knows dogs love meeting new people, but in this circumstance, they should remain indoors during the roof installation for their safety and the roofers.

On the final day of the job, the contractor will do a final walkthrough with you to see if you have any questions or concerns. And no need to worry about the mess; they will clean up after themselves before they leave! 


Within 1-3 days of the completed roof installation, the dumpster will be picked up, and a representative from the roof contracting company will stop by and do a general review of the roof and collect the final payment. 

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Tips to Prepare 

Your home becomes a construction site when a new roof installation occurs. To make the roofers’ lives a little easier, consider these helpful tips on how to prepare your home for installation. 

  • Remove any breakable or heavy wall decorations. 
  • We already talked about keeping your pets inside, so make sure to keep your kids inside as well.
  • If you have any patio furniture or a grill, move them out of the work area. 
  • Protect the belongings in your attic by covering them with a tarp or temporarily moving them. 
  • Cut your grass and trim your trees. 
  • Remove any antennas or satellite dishes. 
  • Let the roofers know where any accessible outlets are located. 
  • Protect your windows from any debris. 
  • Be courteous and inform your neighbors! 

Roofing Done Right 

Getting a new roof installed is a serious job and requires dedication and precision. Ken’s Parkhill Roofing Co. has seen every kind of roof installation there is over the 70 years we’ve been in business. If you want a team you can trust, contact us online or call (216) 381-7414 today!

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