7 Most Common Roof Repairs

Four people doing a roof repair on a Euclid home.

When it comes to the safety, value, and durability of your home, nothing is more important than your roof. Your roof protects you from rain, snow, heat, cold, UV radiation, and many other weather elements that get thrown your way. However, because of the role your roof plays, it gets beat up more than any other part of your home. As such, you should expect to have the occasional roof repair or maintenance.  

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7 of the Most Common Roof Repairs 

Damaged Shingles or Tiles 

Without question, damaged shingles, tiles, and other roofing materials is the number one roof repair we see. Shingles and tiles are highly durable and meant to withstand a ton of wear and tear, but they aren’t infallible. It’s common for high winds, hail, and falling debris to damage or loosen shingles and tiles, in which case they’ll need to be replaced. 

Fascia Damage 

While fascia isn’t on top of your roof, it has an extremely important role to play in its structure and protection. Roof fascia boards are usually made of wood, are located directly below your roof line, and run along the entire perimeter of your home. Its job is to provide support for your roof while preventing termites, birds, rodents, and other pests from getting into your attic. 

Over time, fascia boards tend to rot and will need to get replaced. 

Roof Leaks 

Next to damaged shingles and tiles, roof leaks are the next most common roof repair we see. Roof leaks can happen for several reasons, and none of them are good. Regardless of the cause of your roof leak, you’ll need to contact us immediately for a roof repair so that your attic and ceiling don’t get damaged. 

Standing Water 

Standing water most commonly occurs on flat roofs, but it can happen on any roof. In most cases, standing or pooling water is the result of dents or sags on your roof. While we’ll remove the standing water, we’ll also fix the underlying problem of why you have a dent or sag in your roof. 

Damaged Flashing 

Flashing is the metal or rubber sleeve around vents, pipes, and other objects sticking through your roof. Flashing is waterproof, durable, and resistant to the elements. However, whether it’s wear and tear or improper installation, roof flashing can develop leaks and need to be repaired or replaced

Poor Ventilation 

A number of things can happen to your roof if it doesn’t have enough built-in ventilation. Poor ventilation can cause roof rot, high energy bills, or mold and mildew if the problem isn’t dealt with. 

Sagging Roof

A sagging roof is one of the most severe problems you can have. In most cases, a sagging roof results from improper installation, and there’s a good chance you’ll need a total or partial roof replacement

How to Prevent Needing Roof Repairs 

If you want to avoid frequent roof repairs, you can do a few things to maintain and protect your roof. 

  • Inspect your roof after every storm. 
  • Remove debris such as tree limbs, trash, and leaves. 
  • Clean your gutters twice per year. 
  • Ensure your roof has adequate ventilation and insulation. 
  • Contact a roofing professional for annual inspections and maintenance. 

Who to Contact When You Need a Roof Repair in Euclid, Ohio 

Regardless of what type of roof repair you need, look no further than Ken’s Parkhill Roofing. While we’re best known for being the home of the one-day roof, we also have some of the best roof repair technicians in the state. Contact us online or call (216) 381-7414 for a full list of services, to schedule an inspection, or to get a quote for your roof repair. 

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