Proper Roof Ventilation.

Ventilation!  Ventilation!  Ventilation!

Have you recently looked in your attic and noticed black spots or patches?  Do you have huge icicles in the winter or ice backup problems?   If you have either of these problems, you are suffering from a lack of ventilation.  While the ice problems pose a damage to your home, the black spots, better known as mold, could be very dangerous for both your home and your family.  Luckily your problem can be solved. 

Before mold or ice begins to develop, there are repairs that could be made to your home to prevent these problems from ever generating.  In order to prevent mold in attics and ice damage, you must create what we call a positive air flow. 

A helpful hint would be to remember that the temperature in your attic should be as close to the temperature outside as possible.  Ken's Parkhill Roofing can advise you on what to do as well as perform the actual repairs themselves.

Here is a glimpse of what you need:

  • Install soffit vents on the overhangs of the home.
  • Remove any insulation that is located in the actual overhangs, making sure air can travel through the soffit vent.
  • Install baffles where necessary to separate insulation from the underside of the wood sheathing (especially in homes with cathedral ceilings).
  • Cut out the ridge/ peak of the home an inch on each side.
  • Install a concealed ridge vent with baffles on the cut out ridge.

Once these repairs are performed your attic will be properly ventilated.  The cold air must be able to rise through the soffit vents and escape out through the ridge vent, thus properly ventilating your home.  However, to completely reduce your risk of ice damage, you must also make sure no heat loss is occurring.  In other words, the home must be properly insulated as well. 

A product which we call ice guard will greatly reduce your risk of ice backup.  When in doubt, contact Ken's Parkhill Roofing and we can provide you with both the knowledge and the repair work needed.  Below is a diagram of what we mean by positive air flow.

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