Roof Cleaning

Roof in need of cleaning.
A clean Residential roof.


Many times a roof is relatively new and still functional but the appearance is beginning to become an eye sore due to black or green staining. These stains can be algae, fungus, or moss, and are the first signs that damage is starting to occur. While your roof might be only fifteen, ten, or maybe even five years old, the biological growth occurring on your shingles is working to dramatically decrease the lifespan and functionality of your shingles. What can you do about it?

Ken’s Parkhill Roofing to come out and revive your roof. Our service team begins the process that will safely kill these harmful organisms and prolong the life of your roof. We apply an Earth friendly formula, safe for people, pets, and plants, to your roof. This cleaning solution (Roof Reviver) works on asphalt, wood shake, barrel tile, or clay. Before you decide to use harmful solutions such as bleach on your roof, call us to restore your roof with this proven product.

"Since our beginnings in 1950 we've always put our Customer first. High quality, fast and efficient service is the simple formula that has allowed us to continue the family business for sixty-five years."

Ken Romanini Sr. President & Operations Manager

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