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Emergency Services
Snow and Ice

Being a part of the community of Northeast Ohio for over fifty years allows us to understand the damage that Cleveland winters can have on the inside of your home. The weather patterns can be as dramatic as getting six to twelve inches of snow one day, to getting above average temperature that causes a large thaw in the snow and ice on your roof the next day. Such patterns can and will cause water to flow into your home. Ken’s Parkhill Roofing can immediately come out to break apart the ice dams and or remove the snow and ice from the problem areas of your home, preventing this flow of water from coming inside. Then, once spring comes, we can work with you to come up with a solution to avoid this from continuing each and every winter. This might be in the form of ventilation, insulation, or possibly even heating cables.

Emergency Roofing Services

Storm Damage

There are times when Mother Nature decides to wreak havoc on your home without any warning. A branch from the large oak tree in your backyard might fall on your roof, creating a hole large enough that an insurance claim needs to be made. Complete sections of siding may blow off from heavy winds, once again warranting an insurance claim. Ken’s Parkhill Roofing is prepared for all such events. Our team understands that the area or areas need to be remedied or covered immediately and proper steps such as photos and/or documentation needs to occur.

Hail And Wind

Homeowners, insurance adjusters, and insurance companies continue to contact Ken’s Parkhill Roofing to inspect homes for damages that may occur from hail or wind storms. Before making a claim that affects your insurance rates, we can inspect the entire roof and siding for damage that could have possibly occurred. Our years of experience and education on the necessary size of hail or speed of the wind that causes damage, enable us to be a legitimate source to keep you covered during these delicate times. We know the process can be frustrating and downright painful, so we step in to provide you with not only the quality work, but also work directly with the insurance company to get them the necessary paperwork in order for you to receive the funds for the work performed.

"Since our beginnings in 1950 we've always put our Customer first. High quality, fast and efficient service is the simple formula that has allowed us to continue the family business for sixty-five years."

Ken Romanini Sr. President & Operations Manager

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