About Ken's Parkhill Roofing Co.

Our name, from the original street name.

Family Owned and Operated

The phrase “Family Owned and Operated” only scratches the surface as to how Ken’s Parkhill Roofing has evolved into the company it is today. The base name of Parkhill Roofing itself carries with it an extensive history of family legacy as well as an ancestral story. The Parkhill story starts in the 1950s when Albert Romanini, a roofer for a number of years prior, decided to begin a roofing company and name it after a street in Cleveland Heights, Ohio where his bride, Anne, grew up in. From the beginning, due to Albert’s dedication and workmanship, Northeast Ohio immediately associated quality and service with the name Parkhill Roofing. During these years Albert’s son Ken would ride along with his father, learning firsthand the roofing trade as well as the proper ways to treat customers. The two of them would share quality moments filled with not only work, but laughter, joy, and love. Numerous stories can be told of these moments. After Albert’s early death, Ken would continue his father’s legacy and even now over a decade into the 21st century, Ken’s Parkhill Roofing stands for the same ideals and principles that Albert created years ago.

History, Commitment and Tradition

Today, Ken, along with his son, a number of other family members, and the rest of the Parkhill team, the stories of success, humor, and joy continue. Just as important, the entire team understands that they represent what Albert created years ago. They too are dedicated to approaching each and every job, whether it is a repair or a complete renovation, with:





Ken has been a part of Parkhill Roofing since the early days when his father told him to hop in the truck and come along with him. Years later he would continue the company’s legacy on his own. Ken has been married for over thirty years and has four grown children. Being a member of the roofing industry for forty plus years, Ken is able to pass along the endless stories of his father, the company, and the Parkhill Family to his thirteen grandchildren.


Kenny Jr. fell right into his father’s footsteps when he was a young boy by constantly begging Ken Sr. to take him to work. Kenny, a graduate of Miami University, now extends the legacy of his Grandfather’s and Father’s business into the THIRD GENERATION! He is married and has three small children of his own. Kenny handles the bidding and financial breakdown of projects and jobs.

Joseph Previte SUPERVISOR

Joe is Ken’s brother-in-law and has helped to build Ken’s Parkhill Roofing to what it is today by working side by side with Ken for over thirty years. Joe is married and has two grown children of his own. He bounces from job site to job site, supervising the foremen and crew. Together with Ken Sr., the two men could fill your ears with infinite stories from the company’s early history.


Peter, a graduate of John Carroll University and cousin to Ken, provides his office management and purchasing capability to Ken’s Parkhill Roofing. His purchasing techniques and capability help to drive down the price of product, passing any savings on to our customers. Pete is usually the first person you will talk to when you contact Parkhill.

Shannon Oostdyk & Brian Soeder Our Foremen

These two men have been with Ken’s Parkhill for a combined thirty years. Both men act as job site foremen, making it a point that each and every job goes smoothly by communicating with the customer and Ken Sr. himself. Shannon is also a carpenter by trade, providing the company with his expertise on structural repairs and replacement. Brian, Ken Sr.’s nephew, has worked his way up to job foreman, starting from a summer laborer position when he was in college.

Parhill Roofing on the Radio

Ken's Parkhill Roofing on the Radio

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Our Jingle


March 2016 Radio Spot on The Fish (95.5) with Len Howser


Spring 2016 Radio Spot

“Over the last few years I’ve stopped and watched your crew as they performed their work on a variety of east side homes. I was instantly impressed by the cleanliness and appropriateness of the vehicular fleet, orderliness of the crews, and most importantly, the finished product. So when the time came for my roof to be replaced, I knew exactly who I was going to call.”
- Fred (Home Inspector)

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